OKM nautical charts

OKM nautical charts

Here you will find nautical charts from World War II published or used by the High Command of the Kriegsmarine.

The naval arsenals were responsible for equipping the ships and U-boats before deployment. Some special cards were only available in certain arsenals. Every year, a directory, the index chart, was created for each area of ​​application, listing all the nautical charts currently available. In addition, there were also atlases for e. g. ice conditions or tidal constants of certain regions. The sovereignty badges are covered by German law, but are present. The year of creation, the area and, if available, the number of the OKM are given.

Maybe you will find the missing piece for your collection here.

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Kriegsmarine nautical chart anchorages Cape Verde Islands ww2

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Kriegsmarine nautical chart sheet 617 ww2

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Kriegsmarine nautical chart Azores ww2

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