Kriegsmarine U-Boat-Paeckchen ww2

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Nice U-Boat collector's item from the Kriegsmarine

British Battle Dress, 1937 pattern, Dunkirk booty, worn by a 1 WO 7 2 WO of a German U-Boat. Rank, name and boat number will be added. From the small holes it can be concluded that a metal breast eagle and possibly a U-Boat war badge with a slim needle were worn. The shoulder boards have been removed. Manufacturer: Phillips & Piper. The two small locking hooks are torn off. A seam about 2 cm open on the left side. Otherwise very good condition. Kriegsmarine buttons attached with rings. Tagged: Kriegsmarine, 19 JFS 42.

Material: denim


Shoulder: 44 cm

Breast: 50 cm

Arm: 59 cm

Length: 52 cm

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