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       Shop for original militaria of the German Kriegsmarine ww2


Here you find original militaria of the German Kriegsmarine, ww2. There are also some very rare original U-Boat collectibles to discover.

I give a 6 month guarantee for originality with full refund of the price and occured delivery costs, if a fault had happened!

The collection area of ​​the Wehrmacht and the Third Reich is quite extensive. That is why I have specialized over the years in the armed forces of the German Kriegsmarine. And the result is perhaps the first and only shop specializing in militaria of the Kriegsmarine. Of course, there are also one or the other collector's item that does not belong to the Kriegsmarine.

I try to have something in stock from all areas. Those interested in technology or collectors of photographs should also not be neglected. An affinity for the U-boats is currently developing. Something is sure to happen there. All offered pieces have been checked to the best of my knowledge. Uniforms, decorations, equipment or personal items are contemporary originals (unless otherwise stated).

I buy from private collectors or estates directly from the family. Of course, I also take a little off my colleagues every now and then. Since it is a pure online shop, pick-up is only possible after prior agreement. Participation in fairs is not yet taking place, but is certainly possible at a later date. I am thinking in particular of Kassel.

Since new pieces are constantly arriving, a repeat visit is always worthwhile. But don't forget to browse our other categories as well. I also offer articles for reenactment. These can be found in a separate section and marked separately. I am also happy to try to fulfill search orders. With my extensive contacts, I was able to help many customers.

A sale within Germany only takes place under the strictest observance of §§ 86 and 86a of the Stgb. Possession is only allowed for research and teaching, for the purpose of civic education and to counteract anti-state efforts. A public display of anti-constitutional symbols will be prosecuted.

The buyer is responsible for acceptance of the legal laws of the country. Foreign buyers, especially Non-EU, have to calculate the customs clearance.

If there are any problems, don´t hesitate to contact me. I will do my best to help you!

Do you want to sell something? Let us know. You get an honest offer.

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Joerg Krueger