Kriegsmarine signal headlamp ESW 20 C 39 ww2

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Kriegsmarine Einheitscheinwerfer ESW 20 C 39,lvd.

Signal headlamp with maker's plate in good condition from WW2.

Mirror and front glass in very good condition. Storage bag and carrying strap are not original. Plug, with corrosion, was retrofitted. With spare bulb. According to the seller, the headlamp should work. This could not be tested so far due to a missing suitable power source. With signs of use.

Nameplate: lvd, 20 cm-Marine-Einheits-Scheinwerfer ESw 20 C 39, 24 volts, 100 watts, no. M 62083.


Diameter: approx. 25 cm outside.

Height: approx. 18 cm